Dublin Days

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

London's (not) Burning but...

...I did manage to get a sunburn in London this weekend--such a welcome break from all the rain! It was a great weekend with Carmel and family...

Pádraic and Pat in KenwoodChecking out the Pakistani festival in Trafalgar SquareGood times on the tube...Lunch in Camden townAfternoon in St. James' ParkAll that fun would tire you out!

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Math

38. The number of days until I return to work.

575. The number of days I've been off work.

18. The number of months Paddy and Síofra have had me all to themselves.

13. The number of months until Síofra starts big school.

1600. The number of euros our childcare will cost per month for the next year.

20. The number of 3rd class students I'll be teaching next year.

3. The number of days in the past two weeks we've been housebound all day because of rain.

Add all these up and you get one freaked out mama.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just us girls

Síofra and I a treat on Saturday afternoon when we accompanied her Little Friend and Little Friend's Mother to the production of Riverdance at the Gaiety Theatre. We actually met this little friend and her mom (and younger sister) through a breastfeeding group I went to when Paddy was little, and the two girls really hit it off. It has been great this summer to meet at the park and actually be able to have a conversation (and a latte) while they played and our two little ones climbed around. They just live up the street from us in another apartment building, so it's really convenient to get together.

Little Friend's mother works in theatre, and had worked for Riverdance for 8 years, so we got complimentary tickets for the best seats in the house! It was superb, and the Gaiety is an incredibly beautiful place. Síofra was transfixed by the enormous chandalier the moment we took our seats. She and Little Friend put on their own dance during intermission, to the amusement of all around us. And I enjoyed it, too--I mean, that dancing is amazing and does defy the normal idea of what feet can do. Another bonus was the inclusion of a flamenco dancer, two African-American tap dancers and a troupe of Russian dancers!

But the highlight of the day was when the lights first dimmed and the uillean piper started to play, and Síofra grabbed my arm and turned to me with her eyes as wide as possible and smiling from ear to ear, bursting with excitement. It was a day I think she'll remember, and I will, too!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Youghal come back now!

We had a great weekend in Cork, and even managed to make a trip down to Youghal with Daithi's sister Ann for a frolic on the beach and a picnic, Irish style...

Something to say...
ExploringSea monsterDigging, digging.
A quick snap before the grey clouds start to roll in...
And then a dash back to the car for cover. Check out the sand in Paddy's neck...nice.

I took lots of photos; to see more look here!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Working Rehearsal/Big Night Out

Sunday Night...

Babysitter arrives on time, and we depart the house with Paddy in floods of tears at 8:00, but even his screams don't make us turn back.

Hop in the taxi, ten minutes later arrive at the Olympia Theatre.

The opening act, this guy, is surprisingly good. "Surprisingly" because my first impression of him was that he looks like somebody I might want to punch in the mouth...but I let go of that cynical me and reaction, and enjoyed it, especially Serotonin.

Two cups of beer later and the crowd cheers and surges as they take to the stage. They played for about 2 hours, and it was a very different experience from what you'd expect. Kind of like we'd stumbled into a private practice that we weren't really supposed to be at. Maybe it was Michael Stipe having to read the lyrics off his laptop (I was liking the IMPEACH sticker on it) or how they false started 3 or 4 of the songs and had to start again to get it right. But that was what it was supposed to be about. A few old songs were thrown in to keep the crowd happy, but overall I wasn't thrown back to 1986...it was all new, and I liked it.

Confused? Look here and you'll get it. It's good to live in Dublin.