Dublin Days

Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Ice cream makes chicken pops feel better."
-Siofra, on Day 4 of the Chicken Pox Saga

"Daithi's little boy has a heap of hair."
-12 year old daughter of a man who works on the campaign, after seeing Paddy

"Let's play dress up."
-Siofra coerces Paddy into a game of dress up, she as a "lady," he as a "cowboy"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, just when we thought we were as busy as possible with the election and preparing for our trip...

...Síofra got the chicken pox. Which means Paddy will probably have them in two weeks. The good news is that Siofra seems to feel good, she's still eating like normal but is just sleeping a bit more. At the moment they're only on her back, belly and neck. She's not itching yet but I'm going to get the calamine lotion today. She's calling them her "chicken pops" and seems to be enjoying the attention she's getting!

Any advice???

Friday, May 11, 2007


...your general election candidate in Dublin South East!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Vote Doolan

I've been meaning to try and write something for days, but this week has been insane.

Stuff that's going on with us:

1. On Sunday the general election was officially called; it will be held on May 24th. This means that Daithi has been working 14 hour days since then. 14 hour days for Daithi mean 14 hour days for me at home...luckily our friends Dee and Richie have offered their help two days a week during the Hell Hours (5pm-7pm--dinner, bath, pyjamas). Elections are exciting and intense, but also stressful. So this tight feeling in my chest has lasted all week...

2. There was relief in our household when the election date was set for May 24th, as May 31st had been mentioned as a possible date and we fly to MI on the 27th! I don't know what we would have done if the election had clashed with our travel plans, but the two options a) me traveling on my own with the kids and b) all of us staying here and missing my niece's wedding BOTH SUCKED. So despite the stress of election work, I am mostly relieved, and we're all looking forward to the trip, and to the wedding where Síofra will make her debut as a flowergirl.

3. A girl in Síofra's playschool got chickenpox, so she may make her flowergirl debut with spots. Let's hope not.

4. Dee and I are going to the Homebirth Association of Ireland's conference next weekend. I'm super excited to see and hear Ina May!!!!! I'm going to take my camera and try to get a picture with her. I hope that doesn't make me creepy or a stalker.

5. The weather has been amazing--sunny and very warm--yesterday was, like, 80 degrees! You know people here are going nuts wearing shorts and sandals...gotta make the most of it before the rain returns.