Dublin Days

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Let's see how long Buzz Lightyear and Woody will give me to write something...

Daithí's 40th birthday party was a great success, but not without some sweat and tears in the preceding week. But all went off without a hitch. My attempts to take photos were thwarted by the demands of hostess, but luckily Kusi and Eric documented the evening with more skill and finesse than I could have. They came all the way from Berlin for the night and most certainly made the evening all the more special!

Becky also paid us a 5 day visit. I can't express how much I appreciate her traveling 21 hours all the way from L.A. to see us. We managed to get a couple of nights out on the town, and spent lots of time in the park with the kids. Miraculously, the weather was amazingly warm and sunny.

And, finally May 4th marked the day that Fionn, in different circumstances, was due to come into the world. We went out to the grave; it was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Daithí and I both left letters we'd written there, along with a little lantern that holds a small candle. I hadn't had the time to think much about the day in advance, as I was so busy with Síofra's birthday party the week before, and with Becky's visit. I was struck by sadness when we arrived at the cemetery, but left feeling lighter and happier. I feel that something was completed by that day passing.

Well, Buzz and Woody have gone off babysitting duty, so I'm back to work...more later.